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Love Amongst the Stars: The Drink Chick and the Sierra Mist Guy

By Lincoln Stars Staff, 02/04/20, 6:15PM CST


Back in 2013, Jamie loved taking his daughters to Stars games.

The action on the ice, his extended hockey family in section K and the electric atmosphere at the Ice Box were always a surefire good time.

One of the ways Jamie always got into the game was thumping on the wall to the beat with the music. It was his way of making some noise for his beloved team.

Heather worked in concessions. She always noticed the cute guy who came to order drinks with his sweet daughters. Not knowing his name, in her head, he became “The Sierra Mist Guy.”

Jamie was impressed with the woman working concessions under Section K. Out of all the fans she served drinks to, she remembered both Jamie’s and his daughters’ exact drink order every time, without them ever having to tell her.

He didn’t know whether that was because she was just that kind to everybody or if it was just for them. Jamie’s daughters noticed, too.

To them, Heather became their "Drink Chick.”

One night, Jamie took the conversation beyond just ordering drinks asking Heather, “How are you doing tonight?”

Heather replied that she’d be fine if “some a#$%^&e in Section K would stop pounding on the wall” because it always made things really loud in her stand.

Jamie laughed and apologized, having to admit that he was the cause of her trouble.

From that moment on, Jamie knew there was something special between them.

After dating for a while, on July 4, 2016, Mr. and Mrs. Bearup made it official.

Jamie & Heather Bearup


And Heather showed once again how much she paid attention to exactly what was important to Jamie adding into her vows a promise to “support and comfort Jamie whether the Stars won or lost.”

Now, coming to Stars games is a family affair and Jamie has turned not only his daughters into lifelong hockey fans but his stepson as well.

We celebrate the Bearups and thank them for sharing their beautiful story for our series on Love Amongst the Stars!