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Why 7th Star?

As everyone knows, we are only allowed to have six players on the ice at a time (five skaters and a goaltender). However, when our best fans show up it gives us an advantage that very few other teams enjoy, almost like having a 7th Stars player on the ice. The fans who come to support us every night and are most committed to helping us win are actually our 7th Lincoln Stars player.  

As such, we have completely reimagined our season ticket experience around our 7th Star club.  

What do you receive for being a 7th Star?  

Simply put, everything we can imagine!  

Here is a small sampling:

  • 7th Star exclusive commemorative tickets and jersey patch 
  • 7th Star exclusive access to “PERIOD ZERO.” Doors will now open at 5:40 pm for 7th Star members to enjoy time to socialize, entertain clients and take advantage of early and exclusive concession specials, etc. A 20-minute “pre-game” time for you and only you to enjoy time at the Ice Box
  • 7th Star signed Dasher Boards
  • 7th Star exclusive merchandise 
  • 7th Star exclusive concession specials
  • 7th Star exclusive ticket pick up party and player meet and greet
  • 7th Star exclusive monthly Chalk Talks with Coach Mikes
  • 7th Star exclusive post-game skates

During our 7th Star ticket pick up and player meet and greet party, we will have two dasher boards featuring our new 7th Star logo.  We would like every one of you to sign these dashers so that we can have proper recognition of our 7th Star members every day at the Ice Box. You will enjoy seeing your signatures on these one-of-a-kind dasher boards game in and game out.  We will have opportunities for you to take pictures next to your signatures and with your favorite Stars players. 

In addition, beginning this season and each subsequent season you will receive a commemorative 7th Star patch to go on the season ticket holder jersey you received last season, or anywhere you want to display it. The patches will differ each year and be fun to collect and reminisce about the many years of great Stars hockey you have been a part of as a 7th Star member.